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Aegis™ Public Safety Software

Protecting & Serving 40,000,000+ Citizens

Fast, easy access to information and workflow that uses time more efficiently creates better public safety agencies. New World Systems developed the Aegis Public Safety solution from the ground up to be a completely integrated suite of software. It provides accurate and secure information for dispatchers, officers in the field, firefighters, EMS, corrections officers and command staff. Unlike other public safety software pieced together through acquisitions and mergers, Aegis information flows effortlessly between all applications, ensuring that mission critical data entered into the system is easily and securely available at a moment’s notice.

New World’s Aegis Public Safety Solution Benefits

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Technology is a tool to help us do our jobs better. New World Systems' solutions help us provide better public safety with quicker response times and improved communications between dispatchers, officers and agencies we work with on a daily basis. As far as I'm concerned, New World is bringing us out of the dark ages and into the future.

Patrick Perez, Sheriff
Kane County, IL