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New World is proud to introduce Mobile Computing
Release 8.0

Ron Clark, Sergeant, San Leadro, California

Aegis Mobile Computing 8.0 is fast, reliable and dynamic.

Police officer safety and effectiveness in the community relies on access to information and easy communication from the field. New World partnered with customers from across the country to contribute to the design of Mobile 80, a revolutionary solution that significantly improves the way law enforcement agencies utilize mobile computing technology.

Aegis Mobile Computing 8.0 leverages advanced Microsoft technology to enhance real-time access to information and communication for officers in the field. Developed on the Microsoft.NET™ framework, Mobile 8.0 features the latest intuitive Windows interface while seamlessly integrating Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Microsoft Exchange email and Microsoft office applications.

“New World’s Mobile team has leveraged Microsoft products and as a result, instead of reinventing the wheel, they are taking advantage of a lot of high speed technology and high end processing,” said Sergeant Ron Clark of the San Leandro, Calif. Police Department. “Instead of fighting against software problems, New World is using tools that already exist and making them better.”

Sergeant Ron Clark
San Leandro, CA

Mobile 8.0 key features include a completely new look and feel maximized for use with touch screens and other mobile hardware. Fast and intelligent search capabilities are optimized for the mobile environment to reduce information overload for the officer by organizing and consolidating responses from NCIC/NLETS, State, Local and other Global Justice based information sources. The software also has “drill-down” capabilities allowing officers to point and click to get details from Cases, Incidents and Dispatch information. Mobile 8.0 also offers all new feature-rich Instant Communication that is user-friendly to improve officer communication from mobile to CAD, mobile to mobile, and CAD to mobile.

New World Systems incorporated advanced Microsoft technology into Mobile 8.0 to provide officers with the most flexible field-based reporting capabilities in the industry. Agencies can easily create their own user-defined reports using simple drag and drop software tools. Information entered into a field-based report automatically merges into the Records Management system after supervisor approval. Mobile 8.0 also leads the way for simplified Mobile Computing with rule-based workflow that allows agencies to intelligently route reports automatically. Additional capabilities include in-car mapping, automatic routing directions, operator license scanning, and the ability to transfer digital photographs from the field.


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